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You can save into one output folder or at the original location, and possibly replicate the original directory structure. Use any text along with pre-defined tokens to generate the output filename, including various image information such as its size and metadata fields. And of course, you can choose the output image format, JPEG quality, etc. Watermark Sense provides a live preview of your watermark. Sometimes you might wish to have a better control over the watermark position than a batch configuration can offer. In those cases you can manually position watermarks in preview for individual images.

Moreover, you can even synchronize the manual positioning between images. Watermark Sense supports the Small and Large Batch modes. The former is convenient when working with relatively few images and performing many customizations manual positioning, rotation, etc. The latter is suitable when processing thousands of images. The two applications are mutually integrated to act as a single application if needed, while keeping things so simple and straightforward as possible.

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Together they form a flexible and efficient image processing toolset for web publishing and similar needs, for those who need to obtain top quality results quickly and easily. Visual Watermark gives you all tools you need to make watermark for your photos. Create watermark using your logo, name and brand.

Easy-to-use editing tools let you create beautiful multi-element watermarks. Batch mode allows you to copyright all photos at once.

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Resize and rename features makes publishing photos online much easier. Quickly works on your computer. Watermark Creator works with Photos app on Mac. Runs on Windows, Mac and Android. You still don't know how to make a watermark?


Check out our tutorial. When you need to make a watermark for lots of photos at once, performance matters most. Visual Watermark uses up to 4 processor cores to create watermarks much quicker than other apps do. With our watermark maker, you can protect s of photos in a minute. Visual Watermark automatically changes watermark size when needed.

It makes it so easy to make watermark, batch edit, resize and even embed meta info. So amazing! This made the process much less painful. Thanks again! Cindy Lin, Home Stager staged4more. Now you have more power than ever before to create a beautiful watermark. Choose from built-in fonts and 66 effects, adjust opacity and fill modes — the options are endless! The new Glass effect makes it simple to make a watermark that is unobtrusive. That's very easy to create a watermark for your photos with Visual Watermark.

We added an interactive guide into the app itself and prepared step-by-step instructions on how to watermark photos. I am buying your watermark creator because I Googled one of my photos and it came up on multiple sites without any credit. Which of course I would have had if the photo had been watermarked.

How to add watermark to video on Mac OS X

I purchased your product because it looked the safest, no viruses. I am over free downloads. I also just want simple, nothing fancy or too complicated and I could figure yours out without any problem. Create a watermark for portrait, landscape and cropped images in a single batch. Visual Watermark automatically makes watermark smaller or bigger depending on the image size. Preview how it looks before making a watermark.

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  • Easily override watermark size if you want to. Watermark includes 12 easy to use watermark templates.

    What Is the Best Video Editor without Watermark for Windows or Mac?

    You can edit them to create a customized look. Resize, specify your text and logo, change the color and position. Watermarking can also be used to add your email, url, a personal message or fun graphics to any photo or Pokemon Go screenshot or video. Centuries ago watermarks started as identification marks applied during the paper making process. The marked area stayed thinner than the surrounding paper, hence the name watermark. That paper, when dry and held up to the light, showed the watermark. Later this process was used to verify the authenticity of official documents, money and generally to prevent forgery.

    watermark maker for mac os x Watermark maker for mac os x
    watermark maker for mac os x Watermark maker for mac os x
    watermark maker for mac os x Watermark maker for mac os x
    watermark maker for mac os x Watermark maker for mac os x
    watermark maker for mac os x Watermark maker for mac os x
    watermark maker for mac os x Watermark maker for mac os x

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