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Steps for Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.9:

If you are trying to setup your ProtonMail Beta account with an email you already use, you will be asked for account details. Unfortunately at this time, ProtonMail does not integrate with third party email clients. We are working on a solution that will allow you to use ProtonMail with other email clients in the future.

So my question is: When we release the solution for third party applications, it should work on most used applications including Outlook. I would pay for your services, provided that you have this feature beeing able to import my generated PGP key and filters. Thanks Protonmail support for your response. Hi Scott, Thank you for your support. We are currently developing this feature. Hopefully it will be released by the end of this year.

Configure Mac Mail using IMAP or POP to access your McGill email

Unfortunately, we do not have fixed date. I use Thunderbird, so an add-on there would do the job for me along with the mobile app. Also, fair point about apk package as opposed to gg play. So, as we already have mobile apps, we need apps for computers. Do it, please.

Set up e-mail on your PC or Mac

I just opened a Free account it Proton mail. I am planning to use it for test period and then upgrade. Thank you for the great service so far.. Hi it is vital to me that I can access my mails with Thunderbird and my Blackberry. I understand that you have to put great effort in providing this service but unless I can use protonmail with my devices it is not suitable for me or the other way round ;- But thanks anyway for providing such a safe service. We are working on adding this feature, but we do not have an exact date when this will be available.

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I love ProtonMail. Email is just too important to your security or privacy to use a free service that turns you into datamine. However, there are cases when offline use is key. Take for example those who live, travel or work in countries where there are oppressive Internet controls, like Iran or China.

In these places Internet access can be unreliable because state actors are constantly meddling with people connections and interrupting the VPNs they may be forced to use. Of course, support through a standard protocol would be a huge bonus. Would llove to hear of any updates regarding this specific matter. Agree with ulrich, this is necessary for business! After a month of repeated hacking. I managed to get both the password and the recovery email wrong. All of my recovery addresses are now proton mail and I have distributed it.

I will have to cancel the annual fee and never use this email unless someone gets back to me. I can answer any question about setup including card number but it must be over SMS or the intended recovery address. My username is DMArnold. I would hate to challenge a year subscription just because there is no support at all.

Can you please contact us at contact protonmail. Thanks a lot for your great idea of an secure email client in this nasty world.

I am looking forward to IMAP support, a proxy that runs a local imap server would be nice, but I would totally accept an addon to popular mail clients. Perhaps you could create a server side API and allow people to innovate. I would also love to see IMAP support. Is it also possible that the mobile app can get into the F-Droid app store?

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Definitely need this feature. A hybrid approach would be fine i. Looking forward to leaving gmail and moving wholly over to Proton but need some type of offline client. Whether this is a program created wholly by Proton that in addition to securely connecting to Protons servers can also connect to a users other IMAP accounts or a plugin for Thunderbird or other clients. In meantime would be nice to have some customizable default font size settings inside the web version. We are working on improving our service, and also on adding this feature. We do not have an exact date when it will be available.

Another vote for at least some kind of support for Thunderbird. I prefer to keep my emails locally for archival purposes. Just trialling Proton Mail for the moment to see how it works out for me. Thunderbird support would make me a paying customer almost certainly. This expresses my sentiments perfectly. I just signed up yesterday, but will mostly hold-off until I can integrate it with Thunderbird.

I was looking forward to considering a paid plan, but the current features and service are inadequate. I hope you would accelerate the pace of critical feature development that users need. IMAP support please, from another Thunderbird user. Compatibility with real email clients eg gnus would be better still.

I am spanish, and I write a bad english. Is the IMAP thread dead? As much as I love Protonmail, I am annoyed by your ignorance. I need backups of receipts, passwords etc. If you need any assistance setting it up, please contact our support team at contact protonmail.

I hope support has not waned!

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  • How are we doing? Any closer to a solution? Imap support is now available for premium users via the ProtonMail Bridge app. Need these abilities for archival reasons. Once this is implemented? I do not care if it is POP3 or not; though, being able to continue to use Thunderbird would be nice; the most important criteria is that I can somehow store my mail on my own storage device. I cannot imagine having all my mail stuck on some remote server in the event I have no internet access. If all my mail is on my own device, I can get to it at any time without having to worry about connectivity issues.

    I am not as concerned about it being encrypted on my own device, either; again, that would be nice, but not required.

    Scarlet FAQ - Quels sont les paramètres standard utilisés par Scarlet pour l'e-mail?

    It has been a year since the last comment;. You can find the instructions on setting up the Bridge and the officially supported clients at the ProtonMail Bridge homepage: For instance I have a nextcloud instance and I would like the sender email to be one of my protonmail email addresses? Would that use case be addressed by the cli client?

    If you are able to run the Bridge on the host where your Nextcloud instance is running, then there should be no problem to setup Nextcloud to send email via Bridge SMTP. I understand the need of something like the bridge to reach not tech savvy audiences. But some of us are familiar and happy with using PGP on a daily basis, and would love to be able to use our different email providers seamlessly.

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    I think we, regular PGP users, are the natural first target of an email provider such as Protonmail. Why not give us the capability of handling encryption on our own? Does it make sense? Paid for the professional version. Tried it out with the bridge. Terrible solution!

    Why not just encapsulate the connection over TLS to your servers and allow the private key for the mailbox to be downloaded and managed on my PGP keyring. Data at rest could easily be encrypted too without this solution.

    Set up e-mail on your mobile, tablet of computer

    I hate it. I am cancelling my account. I support the above. PGP support is currently in active development and should be available soon. Once released, it will add the feature to download your private keys. So which is it?

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