Pram restart intel based mac

Troubleshooting PRAM Issues

I started having problems while plugging a USB in the computer and then it froze. Now I just have a grey screen with the apple logo and a loading dotted circle moving.

It certainly shouldn't take 25 minutes to boot. Hopefully that'll get you back up and running! Hi,I have an 06 macbook, for a while the battery has been unrecognised and it shows the x symbol where it should be a thunderbolt Iv reset the smc with an initial change but then defaults back to the x symbol.. This evening I replaced the connection from the logic board to the battery and still no further forward after the resets I checked with a Mac repair shop and their is no fault with the battery I'm at a loss really, any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Dec. Though I have to say that you've been able to keep a Macbook running for 9 years! That's pretty impressive. After doing a little research, I haven't come up with a whole lot on this. Some people have seen the X symbol when they have a bad battery, but if the shop says that the battery's alright, and you also replaced the connection from the logic board, I'm not sure what else you can do.

Call Apple, maybe? They might be able to help out. I have to say I have exactly the same problem If I start again, same process I have tried the PRAM reset? Macbook Air keyboard became completely unresponsive. Was able to shut it down but now it won't turn on. I tried the SMC reset but it still won't turn on. Power indicator turns green for about a second after the reset so it seems to be getting the message but it still won't power on.

How to know if you need to reset the SMC

Have you tried a PRAM reset? If that doesn't work, I'd take it into an Apple store. That doesn't sound good. After a weekend of trying things I finally managed to login on the acct I use most. It was running slow, then shutdown on its own. Similar problems happened, couldnt boot to anything but single user mode, Target disk, or option boot. Finally made it in after running the two commands suggested in safe mode. I logged in using a less used account and it ran normally. Ran Disk Utility to verify permissions, repair permissions, and verify HD.

Permission found a bunch of things from the printer driver I recently installed. I'm afraid to shutdown. What should I do to troubleshoot the slow user acct while logged in normally? Man, I'm sorry to hear that—that sounds pretty rough. At this point, your best bet might be to take it to a Genius Bar. Sounds like you could have a pretty big problem somewhere in there.

Sorry I don't have any better advice. Let us know what you find out—this could be helpful to other people if you get it figured out! My computer is now in a continuous cycle. The der-di sound happens, the apple and status bar appears. After status bar fills in, blank grey screen, then the computer restarts. It has been doing this for about 15 minutes. I think it is not working correctly. What is supposed to happen? Have you found a solution? That's not one that I've heard of.

If the battery runs down and then the computer starts up again, that could potentially kick it out of the loop. I did the PRAM reset. It restarted and chimed again and I released all of the keys. Then the apple logo and progress bar appeared. Then a grey screen with nothing on it. And then it shutdown again. Is this normal?

I got a Bluetooth speaker. When connected to my Macbook Pro it was cutting out and sometimes lagging.

How to Reset PRAM (NVRAM) on Mac | Threat on Mac

Soooo annoying! But it worked fine with my iPhone, so I thought it couldn't be something wrong with the speaker itself. I thought there was nothing I could do until I got a new computer! That's a really good one to know. Just had a further recollection of the first incident above. If your internal fan refuses to switch itself off, this may be an SMC issue as that was a further symptom that was cured. I would imagine that if the SMC is relevant to whether or not a hardware component is present and identified, it may mean that until it has sorted its act out, the loading of drivers in whatever OS would be affected.

Certainly the Windows 7 startup was freezing on the inability to load a video driver. When I ran SMC reset, it went straight through. First time round, MAC OS was unaffected except that any reference to batteries or power information was missing from the System details , however second time this too failed to boot until SMC recycled.

I have no doubts about what happened to my trusty old white macbook - still keeps going and has had a rebirth having installed an SSD drive 6 months ago. A white Macbook with an SSD? That's pretty awesome. Very cool idea. It is becoming obvious to me that the SMC reboot can cure an assortment of problems so I am listing my two in case they help someone. What appears to happen is that something goes wrong with the hardware controller thingy which apart from causing lights not to come on can often prevent the OS loading.

This can be Mac OS or Windows. Todays issue: This morning would boot in Windows safe mode but stumbled half way thru booting as a Mac. Would not boot as normal Bootstrap Windows 7 No charger light issues but not talking to my monitor sharing device. Again an SMC reboot solved the problem and i can breathe a sigh of relief. How that could affevrt the SMC, I don't know! So, when all else fails, remove power supply, take the battery out, hold down the power button for 5 secs and put battery back in, plug in power supply and restart.

Not widely publicised enough. I wonder how many people have thrown their MACs away unnecessarilly? Thanks for sharing your experience!

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I don't have a lot of experience with dual-booting, but I wonder how using Windows could affect the SMC. If just doing a reset will solve the problem, it's not a big deal, but still an interesting issue. Glad to know that the SMC reboot helped! I'm learning more and more all the time about the sorts of issues that it can help—sounds like a lot of people would have benefitted from it.

How to Reset the NVRAM and PRAM

Hopefully not too many replaced their computers because of those problems. I've got a weird one. I did a Artic silver job on my heat sink in my MacBook pro and lowered my Temps while gaming to around 80c. It was mid 90s. That was a few weeks ago. I was having some ram leak issues, so today I did a pram and smc reset. Now while gaming my temps are in the mid 90s to c again. And I'm in a colder room. That IS a weird one.

PRAM and SMC Resets

If you can think of any changes you made that way, that would be a good place to start. Did you change any fan speed settings?

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Other than that, I have no idea. If anyone else has had this problem, hopefully they can share what they did to fix it!

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Pram restart intel based mac

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