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Try right-clicking the shortcut and select "Run as administrator". I myself missed a tool for analyzing the whole flop distribution to better solve preflop spots by accurately estimating all flop situations you will encounter. Being a long time programmer I took on the task and started developing last year. There is a lot of good poker software out there, but definitely room for improvement and additions.

I was hoping some of the many excellent posters here at RIO could help start a discussion about what software would be most useful for improving their games, be it add-ons to existing software or completely new tools. If you have an idea that you'd like to discuss privately, feel free to send me a PM.

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I have built an existing framework for Holdem calculations, and that's where I have my expertise. While my main focus is NLH, I would like to discuss software for any poker type in this thread. All this without having to click back and forth in dozens of windows I'm looking at you, PT4! Have as many windows open as you like, compare a spot to another player or group of players. Use luck analysis to distinguish leaks from bad luck: how often you've been dealt hands preflop, how well you've flopped, turned and rivered.

Example usage: Your EP winrate seems a bit low. You find that you lose more than other good players when facing a 3B OOP. By analyzing hand types and flop luck you find that you flopped a set with a pocket pair only 9. You also find that you called too many offsuit hands to smaller 3bets. Intuitive and easy way to calculate EV.

Goal of better visualization and usability with less hours spent. I was actually starting on developing something like this when I realized I needed to analyze the flop distribution and there was nothing out there. I have a few notes and ideas about this, but the details are too long and secret to get into here.

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  • I've made an improvement to Pokertracker's Hands per hour calculation. Hey, Tyler. Great vid as usual. Why do you think this flop is not even close to a good board? I think they could have made PT4 more user friendly, way too many mouse clicks for doing simple things. Still beats HM2 after lots of config.

    Custom stats is the most important thing that makes me prefer it to HM2. Filter system is easier in HM2, but a little more powerful in PT4 especially using custom reports. HM2 lets you customize every report, and they all have the same hand list and graphing capabilites. In PT4 you can only customize custom reports and they can't be graphed. There's also some smaller stuff like PT4 won't let you configure time between two sessions a break is only a break when it's at least 30 minutes, which is ridiculous this is configurable in HEM , so your hourly can't really be calculated sensibly.

    PT4 or HEM2 are both good. Amongst other things this program helps with bet sizing by position and can convert all amounts to big blinds, so you don't need to know what stakes you're playing or what round you're in for a tournament. It also has some small convenient HUD options like pot odds, history or M for tourneys.

    In my opinion this is one of the most important and neglected steps for a poker player to master. The software helps you find the best course of action preflop by analyzing all flops - so you know how to proceed on all flops. You've probably heard pros talking about how well a hand "plays", but rarely do you see an extensive analysis. Analyzing how well a hand flops against a villain range is easy using the Flop Inspector.

    Here's a breakdown of our hand vs range equities I've used a 7. As you can see the one pair hands the brown bars have a wide range of equities. By examining these flops in more detail we find that our pairs have lower value when there are more high cards or as the flops get more connected, two-tone or monotone. In my software there's also a feature to simulate villain's continuing range.

    Using that we find that gutshots and other draws retains their equity better than pairs as villains flop range tightens. If you ask me what I would do though - I would continue with a pair on most flops, at least to common tiny cbet sizings in 4b pots :.


    Tyler I see and agree. Log in Sign Up. You must be logged in to perform this action. Activity Bio Following Followers. Topics Hand Histories All Types.


    Comment tacohead commented on Train to think in ranges. Disclaimer: I'm the creator of these HUD popups. Comment tacohead commented on What poker software would you like to have? Thanks, glad to hear your happy with the popups, Sojo! Comment tacohead commented on Board texture probability and softwear.

    Comment tacohead commented on Math help needed! Comment tacohead commented on Interpretations of "R".

    Online Poker HUD | DriveHUD

    Also, I haven't read any of Will Tipton's books. Is it OK to start with the second one? Check it out here: Flop Inspector download : Back to my original question: With your in-depth expertise of all these programs, do you think there is a need for more or better poker analysis tools? Post tacohead posted in Chatter: What poker software would you like to have?

    Post tacohead posted in Chatter: PokerTracker hourly fix. Comment tacohead commented on Zoom and up? Nice hands : And stop bluffraising them bottom pairs, you bastard! Updated Russian ruble symbol to the current version used. All HUD panels are now outlined in the same color as the selected player note. Previously only the HUD panel with the note was outlined in this color. Added support for anonymous players so that session stats display correctly and that anonmyous players cannot be selected via player select. Fixed HUD error due to 'has position' property bug introduced in v4.

    Fixed Hand tagging menu having text cut off and missing winning hole card rank. Fixed regression where names were not properly being masked in the replayer. Fixed HUD occasionally disappearing from all tables when closing one table.

    Fixed fastforward limits in various locale-specific formats. Worked around party MTT bug where the window title does not match the hand history tournament description. Fixed incorrect number of bounties for party progressive. Fixed HUD not correctly attaching to some Winamax tables. Fixed HUD disappearing during the first hand after a blind level increase.

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    Removed OnGame from auto import list due to the site no longer being in existence. Mac Only PokerStars: Memory Grabber: Removed memory grabber since it has not worked on Mac for some time due to Apple deprecating this functionality for security purposes and could cause major performance issues when enabled. Fixed hero seat position for fastforward which resulted in the player to the right of the hero having their HUD missing partypoker: Worked around partypoker bug where the table name in hand histories and the window title did not match and caused the HUD not to display.

    Correctly identify skin in downloaded hand histories. Fixed a few import errors with downloaded Ignition hands. Are you using preferred seating? Once everything is setup then for future tables PokerTracker 4 will automate this placement for you after the first hand has imported. I know the hold 'em indicator software has this feature, but I prefer the pokertracker stats and use it to save the hands anyway. Originally Posted by GutPunch. After stopping each hands stop getting hands , I keep getting this message.

    No matter whether I import or not, it comes back. Any idea how to fix it? It started since a recent update, or since I backed up the DB I think. I'm not missing any hands.

    What does Jivaro do?

    Originally Posted by Poughkeepsie. Is there an easy way to do population analysis? For example i want to see how often a cbet is folded to on the flop.

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    Pokertracker 4 zoom hud mac

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