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I just use a wall outlet That being said.. I've never seen a surge protector stop damage during a lightning strike anyway..


My MBP is the only one of them that is not plugged into a surge protector. Wouldn't advise that for anyone else. I cannot be held responsible for the things that come out of my mouth. In the Windows world, most everything folks don't understand is called a virus. When I'm at home it gets plugged into a surge protector. At school it gets plugged directly into a socket. June July Surge protector always, and for all of my main electronic stuff, a good one that constantly monitors the power is worth the investment.

Try my custom Mac Forums Search Engine: Mac Forums Google Search. I use the wall.

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If there's a thunderstorm on the way I unplug it and run on battery. I use an APC UPS for all my computer needs and it gives me almost an hour if I loose power providing the provider has their system on batteries or generator. There really isn't a reason to when there isn't a storm coming or something like that.

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And if a storm is coming, just run on the battery. Here's what I have been told, although it's just hearsay Certification from Underwriters Laboratories UL provides assurance that the product has been independently tested.

But when the MOVs burn out, what happens next? If you have a surge protector already in place somewhere in your house or office, go take a quick glance at it and come back. Unlike the typical warning indicator, you need to be concerned when this one stops glowing. Older surge protectors were typically designed around the concern that computers had spinning hard disk drives HDDs inside, and that it was better to lose surge protection and keep providing power than to drop AC power when protection had failed.

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On surge protectors like that, the only indication of whether protection remains active is a protection light. Now go back and look at those protectors again: Those are the ones you want to replace post haste. I confess that I only learned this in ; I checked mine, and had to replace one a few months later when that light suddenly disappeared.

But there are three variants when protection fails:.

Should I plug my MacBook Pro into a surge protector?

All power stops flowing, which will immediately remove electricity to all connected devices. Better to lose power than to let a surge through. Some power stops flowing. There are three different paths for electricity with AC power, and one is more important to protect against surges than the other two. See below for more detail. You have to look at the protection light to know the state of protection. Power always flows, but the light turns off. In this scenario, you must stay alert, particularly during a storm and right afterwards, or whenever your lights flicker.

With a three-wire outlet, which is required for surge protectors, those are line, neutral, and ground. A long cord is essential, since your equipment might be far from the nearest outlet.

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Consider 8 feet to be a minimum. A proper ground wire in an outlet connects back to a grounding rod for an entire home or building that drains voltage literally to the earth. Many surge protector manufacturers offer limited warranties for damage to things plugged into the protector if said damage stems from voltage passing through to the device. One last detail: You also must plug surge a protector into a properly grounded 3-prong outlet. You can use one of those clever 3-to-2 adapters that I know too well as the owner of an old house, in which only about half the outlets were ever upgraded to modern standards.

see url Fortunately, it can be cheap to fix unless the house was badly wired. Pivoting outlets, a low clamping threshold, high durability, and a cable organizer combine to make this a great surge protector at a reasonable price. The Tripp Lite is a solid entry, and a great deal for 10 outlets with reasonable clamping voltage and power cutoff.

This surge protector is just what you need if you're looking for a a model that cuts power when it can no longer offer protection. A solid entry that falls short in a couple of choices about continuous power and clamping voltage. The round form factor spaces the six outlets apart to accommodate lots of AC adapters, and you charge two more devices from its USB ports.

It can be controlled via an app or with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Apr 19, 7: Apr 19, 8: Does the power cord have a surge protector built in? More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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mac power cord surge protector Mac power cord surge protector
mac power cord surge protector Mac power cord surge protector
mac power cord surge protector Mac power cord surge protector
mac power cord surge protector Mac power cord surge protector
mac power cord surge protector Mac power cord surge protector

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