Mac os x desktop file path

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If you insist on using only C why?

Ken Thomases Ken Thomases Ken, I loved the information in the answer, but I think you're ignoring the easy way It might be named something else and might be in a different location. That's why these APIs exist. See Apple's docs : "Note that you should typically use the function NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains to locate standard directories for the current user [instead of concatenating hard-coded directories with the home directory]". Ken, I'm not sure you're right about this one People have tried moving it and - to the best of my knowledge - creating aliases is as close as people got Myst Myst This is not reliable as I explain in my response to you on my answer.

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Python 3 Notes: File Path and CWD

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Experiment: closing and reopening happens at 3 votes for the next 30 days…. Linked 3. So here are the steps to rename your Home folder:. Make sure you entered the new name correctly, and click the OK button. MacOS will require your confirmation and password.

After making this change, you will not be able to go a step backward. Make sure you entered the old and new folder names correctly, and press Enter. MacOS will ask you to enter a password from the Admin account. Type it and again press Enter.

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This command will move all folders from the old location to the new one. Another way to create a new folder is to use the context menu and click New Folder.

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By the way, you can change Mac folder icons. Read our previous article on how to change them. If you need to create an archive file for your folder, make a right click on it and select Compress. The system will create a zip folder in the same directory. You can use the context menu and select Rename or just press Enter on the required folder.

You may need to create a private folder on your Mac to hide it from prying eyes. There are several ways to hide files and folders on Mac. The simplest one is to use a free application Funter , designed especially to show or hide files on Mac. Funter integrates with the Finder so that all you need to hide a folder is to click Hide with Funter in the context menu.

It often happens that Mac users download, create and copy many identical files. As a result, dozens of duplicates may be stored in your Home folder and take up too much disk space. Fortunately, you can easily compare folders on Mac to find and remove duplicates in them with a free application Duplicate File Finder.

The application has also the Pro version which provides advanced features. All you need to compare folders for duplicates is to launch the app and click to scan your Home folder. The Home folder is the most valuable part of Mac disk space since it stores all the documents, applications and other files the Mac user has. We hope our article helped you to understand a bit more deeply the structure of the Home folder and how to work with subfolders in it.

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By the way, if you keep really important data in your Home folder, you can install additional protection for it. MacOS provides the FileVault function which allows you to encrypt the contents of your Home folder and protect it with a password. The only disadvantage of FileVault is that it requires additional disk space to the total volume of the Home folder.

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  • Contents: What is Mac Home Folder. How to rename your Home Folder. How to go to Home Folder. How to create a folder. How to create a Zip folder. How to rename Mac folder. How to hide folders on Mac. How to compare folders.

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