Harmony engine evo mac download

Vocal Harmonizer Plug-in (Download)

Available immediately. Available immediately We can send you a download license immediately once you have purchased this product. Standard Delivery Times. I've only so far been using this software to play around with at home, but I do intend to use it live and in recordings in the future.


It's a little intimidating when you first open it, but like anything once you give it a little time its quite easy to use. There's also a lot on online resources on how to use it if you're really stuck with it. It's a really fun software overall. You can add harmonies to anything, not just vocals.

You use it as it's own instrument and run an audio track into it, so it's really creative and fun to play with. Cons: My only annoyance with this, and it is a huge one, is you need an iLok to authorise it. Buy an iLok with this software, otherwise you can't install it. Overall, if you're into effects and weird sounds, get it, but remember to get the iLok. Please give us the reason for your assessment in the following text box and — if possible — your e-mail address for further questions. Send report. Back in late when Bon Iver released his album? Harmonisers were already being used in the 80?

It is literally a MUST tool for every music producer. When do I use it? I personally use it in my productions when I wanna thicken up the lead vocal. When I wanna saturate and bring an artificial-electronic sounding voices as an element - it has a modern sound and I personally like it. Well, honestly that's why I actually got it for - more because of its sound then its actual functions.

I mainly use it via MIDI.

Antares Harmony Engine Evo – Thomann United States

The Antares harmoniser is a game changer if you're looking for a fast solution, cool sounding harmonies for your song. Someone who? On top of 4 harmony voices, you can add up to 8 unison voices of a choir - you can get a really huge sounding harmonies. Stereo image control left, right and centre - an excellent tool that helps you to create the image you want. Cons: 1.

A few things you should do before you buy it: 1. If you do decide to buy it, here in? It is significantly cheaper then it is on Antares website and that is why I love? Read all reviews Rate product. Download Now. Add to wish list. Total Rating.

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  • The main features of the Antares Harmony Engine Evo Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator include:!
  • Antares Audio Technologies Harmony Engine Evo - Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator Plug-In (Download).
  • Autotune Pro!

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Create Amazing Vocal Harmonies (the easy way)

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harmony engine evo mac download Harmony engine evo mac download
harmony engine evo mac download Harmony engine evo mac download
harmony engine evo mac download Harmony engine evo mac download
harmony engine evo mac download Harmony engine evo mac download
harmony engine evo mac download Harmony engine evo mac download
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