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How are you copying it to the desktop? Then copy to desk. I am moving a site to a new server server 1 and testing it while the original site server 2 is still live. My host file does get read and sends me to server 1, but only for about 2 minutes, after that it resolves to server 2. If I clear the browser cache and the DNS cache dscacheutil -flushcache in Terminal , I can get back to server 1, again for about 2 minutes. I would just give the site on server 1 a different url, but am working with a CMS that requires a domain name. Anybody know why this is happening, or suggestions for a fix?

So if you have amazon. There may be a way to over ride that behavior with a flag to traceroute. If you are on windows, traceroute is sort of broken regardless. Thanks Scott. Seems like I have an issue with our proxy or something else on our network. When I do the sudo nano thing then enter the code I want.

When I go to save it says the file is non-existent. This is what i have now on my hosts file but i still cannot contact the cydia server. Any help would be great. Consider this test below: Note, I have never found I needed to flushcache, though I have tried it to no help in this case. Added these three entries In terminal.

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The first one, returns results that are an Apple server, the second two return the results of the Cydia server. You can test it in a browser as well:. You are getting the Cydia page in your browser. It is hitting a server at Another good tool in this is just a simple ping of the new hostname, as it will show you the IP it is connecting to, and seems to consult the hosts file, whereas tools like dig do not, and curl is just doing what the browser does, and does not show you what happens behind the scenes.

In that case, gs. There is something deeper going on here, like certain apps consulting the hosts file, but ignoring alterations to it for specific hosts. I really do not believe Apple would break the functionality of the hosts file even for just one specific host, so there is simply something that is not understood entirely here.

In my case I also had to remove web-proxy from Network configuration. I saved, cleared my cache, tried it through terminal itself and through opening it through TextEdit but the sites still come up in my browser. I see the shortcuts at the bottom of the terminal window. Thank you again, now it works. Forced 3. Hi there, I references this article over at ireallyneedinfo. Less tech inclined Mac users take note, if you are having trouble finding your host file fear not! I have found a nifty guide for editing it HERE.

Line 1: NET COM I added these to the file did the flush. I have the trial and I am getting invalid SN. Any suggestions? Yes, I suggest buying a legal copy of CS 5 and not violating international copyright laws and end user license agreements. I used this guide at Decoding the Web to help me find and edit the hosts file so that I could add this line to the […]. Nothing in this article does anything that needs to be undone. The instructions here simply open the hosts file to allow you to make and save entries, then flush the DNS so that the system reads the new changes.

They only changes that were made were whatever entries you made in the Hosts file. Whatever problem you are having with the terminal is unrelated to this article or changes made to the Hosts file.


No changes were made to the terminal itself. The Hosts file is really just a text file. All you do is access the Hosts file and delete the entry you created.

How to Edit your Hosts File on a Mac - InMotion Hosting Support Center

Is exactly what you should be seeing when you open the terminal. Make your entry changes and save the file. Try using the control-o and enter to save before the control-x to exit. Yes, this is the same process that This way, you can neuter the integrated beast that Safari has become [think of how horribly IE is fleshed with Windows]. Apple has become the beast.

How to Edit Hosts File on Mac OS

Never did I think Apple would be commodered with satanic, turtleneck-abusing misanity. Big Money Bags, what have you done with your company? My account is also an administrator account. This is kinda the namby-pamby way of modifying the hosts file, but for me it actually works very well so maybe others can make use of it.

And everything you need to do it with is all standard on OS X. The time it takes you to do this will probably be less than poking around the text editors in Terminal.

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No third party apps. No navigating through pico urg. Actually do that twice — so you have two identical copies of Hosts — called the second Hosts. Where abouts are they and what am I looking for? My hosts looks like above Host Database localhost is used to configure the loopback interface when the system is booting.

Anyone ever had an issue where the terminal just dies after you get the promp, To proceed, enter your password, or type Ctrl-C to abort. Now it says: An then type this to flush the DNS cache, and have your host file changes to take immediate effect:. Step 5 […].

Basically you can point any website you like to another location. So if you add a line Code: […]. I came to this discussion looking for a way to make a persistent alias declaration in I could make an alias declaration in. I simply put the alias in the three permissible files it is allowed in. In my home directory I created touch.

What is a HOSTS file and how do you edit it?

The dotfiles have identical content. Now leopard can remember aliases between boots. It seems to me that really big players are ok with creating their own conventions; all right but publish them and respect our time. The sudo open -t will not work. This will launch the TextEdit and open the file, but when one tries to save it TextEdit will complaint that it does not have enough privileges to save the file. How do you un-Patch the host files for cs5? I installed a try before you buy version of CS5 from a torrent site and now i have enough cash to buy it.

How To Edit Hosts File In Mac OS

I had a CS4 master collection on there previously and when i try and deactivate it just says it wont connect to the internet and i think its because when i patched the host files for the cs5 install, it has blocked the connection to adobe! Go back into your hosts file and remove the adobe-related items maybe back it up first. After I type in sudo….

But when followed completely the 3rd time, everything worked as you said it would. So what to do? You guessed right. I can do an oldschool hosts file hack. But wait, I already tried looking up the domain — and the earlier resolved IP is still in my […]. When trying to edit the hosts file i get to the stage of the host file box and it has all the writing that above forums says it should.. Does anyone know how I can solve this!? If you still have trouble saving the modified HOSTS file, check the file's attributes to see if it's been marked read-only.

Right-click the file and select Properties to see the attributes. Another option is to open your text editor program as an administrator so that the permissions are already applied to the editor. Then, saving the HOSTS file over the original can be performed without having to verify your admin credentials. If you still can't save to the HOSTS file location, you probably don't have the correct permissions to be editing files in that folder. While this might come in handy for regular use, like to block ads or certain malicious IP addresses, its functions also make this file a common target of malware.

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  • By modifying it, malware can block access to antivirus updates or force you to a malicious website. Thus, it's a good idea to check the HOSTS file periodically or at least know how to remove false entries. Let's say that you wish to resolve yourdomain. In this case you would need to open up the hosts file with a text editor and append the following line:. Note: Make sure that you don't have any signs in front of the IP address as they will deactivate this entry. This will "tell" your computer to resolve yourdomain.

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