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On the DVD you can set the language to the original English with multiple subtitles. When converting it just converts the Spanish version, without to option to convert it in English - with or without subtitles. Personally I think any converting software should have the option to convert to any available language which is on the disc and with the desired subtitles. Sorry to hear you had some issues. Did you try contacting our support team? Hey there, I'm sorry that this product is not working for you. Firstly, I'd like to ask you specifically what processes are occurring when it freezes.

We have released new versions of the software and hopefully this bug is fixed, but it always helps us if you can give a detailed description of your issues. Again, I'm very sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and would love to fix this issue in any way we can. This did exactly what I wanted, which is convert old video files to more portable newer ones. This is very easy to use and seemingly well supported software. IT does what it's supposed to do, I've tried several other converters and they all freeze or conver into ahuge file.

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This doesn't freeze and shrinks the video's very well. Hello, We're very sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with our product. We do have a new version that has been release that fixed a lot of bugs. We also ask that if the product isn't working correctly, that you report any bugs to us so that we can get them fixed for you. Also, if you're having issues, we have a support team available to help you. Thanks, NCH Software. I was thrilled when I found this product!

It was exactly what I needed for video conversion software. So I decided to buy it. The product doesn't work. It makes NO difference what format is entered for conversion or asked for in return.


DivX 5.2 Updated With 1-Step Encoder

The software crashes "quit unexpectedly". I had an all-round dismal experience with the Prism product and NCH software. When you buy from NCH, at the END of the purchase screens they force you to confirm that you've tried the product out. I guess I missed the meaning of that "red flag" read: it doesn't work, dummy.

I teach Marketing at a college in the midwest. I am using these screen to show how NOT to give your customers a sense of security! To make matters worse, I bought using Paypal. If there was a warning on an earlier screen about such a "rip off", I would have heeded it. So, I'm now a "dummy" a second time and had to pay for it So, add to all this the fact that the product doesn't work and you can see why I'm miffed.

If NCH turns their act around and takes care of the product first makes it work as advertised and then cleans up their act and becomes less buyer-abusive remove the buyer traps and rip-offs from their purchase screens , I would be THRILLED to come back and report same! The first problem is that Perian, although it still works fine for now, has ended development.

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It's abandonware. The second problem is that QuickTime I should know. I've been ranting at Apple for years to make it so. We are fortunate that OS X easily supports both bit and bit code, unlike Windows. So I can see your point. Therefore, there remains just about zero incentive to bother coding bit Windows applications.

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Apparently that translates into the DivX folks not bothering to do anything bit with the Mac versions. And of course that points out, once again, how little they actually care about the Mac platform. My response, once again, is: So why should we care about you, DivX? You must be my clone. So what's DivX up to this time? Here's a quick evaluation: 1 bit. What is wrong with these people?

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Macs went bit in , bitches! I don't wish to be surveilled by DoubleClick, bitches! I run a Mac, bitches! But where's the 'plugin'? I never found it. For the best DivX video experience, please install all components. See what else is new in this version. Like 5. If by chance I ever run into anything DivX on the planet, I have the stuff ready to re-enable just in case. I'm not holding my breath.

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Thank you for your post, I was installing this when the update popped up and then remembering how annoying this software was and the things I ended up turning off because other players handled things better. It also seemed like it installed a bunch of extra unneeded stuff and just felt a bit creepy like the default search engine thing. Generally when there is not drag and drop installs or when they take a while to launch the first time run I get suspicious on a Mac. I stopped the install and will remove anything DivX.

Show more. Playing H. Click 2. Choose output video format Click the Format to choose the output video formats, you can choose any video formats that DivX Plus can support. Click 3.

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Optional Video settings Enter the video setting menu, you can adjust the video related parameters, like the video frame, video resolution, video bitrate, video codec, you also can adjust the audio codec, audio sample rate, audio channels, etc. Click 4. Click 5. Start the video conversion Go back to the main interface and start the video conversion. Play Friendly H. Drag and drop your video onto the DivX Plus Player screen. Free Trial Version: 4.

divx for mac optional offer Divx for mac optional offer
divx for mac optional offer Divx for mac optional offer
divx for mac optional offer Divx for mac optional offer
divx for mac optional offer Divx for mac optional offer
divx for mac optional offer Divx for mac optional offer
divx for mac optional offer Divx for mac optional offer
divx for mac optional offer Divx for mac optional offer
divx for mac optional offer Divx for mac optional offer
Divx for mac optional offer

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